What Does Kill A Mockingbird? By Harper Lee Essay

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Throughout history, many individuals have stood up against civil rights, namely racial discrimination, creating changes that still affect society today. Some examples from American history are Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Rosa Parks. They have helped society take huge steps towards eliminating racial discrimination in America. Similarly, characters from To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee aim to do the same. Atticus Finch, arguably one of the best role models in literature history, works hard as a lawyer to defend an African-American, Tom Robinson, despite his destiny to lose the trial due to discrimination. Link Deas, a supporter to the Robinsons throughout this novel and a close acquaintance of Atticus, stands up for Tom during his trial, claiming him innocent and shocking everyone in the process. Lastly, Calpurnia, an African-American maid for the Finch family, chooses to bring Jem and Scout Finch to her coloured church, causing disagreement amongst some. However, she chooses to fight against them and stay, proving that mixing two races together will cause no harm. Overall, through each character’s hard work, dedication, and actions, they have the power to help their community take steps forward to eliminate racial discrimination.

Tom Robinson is charged with sexual assault and led to court after being accused of raping Mayella Ewell. However, as the trial later proves, Tom is completely innocent of this sin and it is Mayella, the young white lady,…

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