What Does It Take For A Woman Today? Essay

1126 Words Oct 31st, 2014 null Page
What does it take to be a woman today? It’s not a secret that as long as humanity knows its history women has been treated poorly then men. The only time when females had more priority is during homo-erectus era when male would hunt for food and female were at shelter taking care of everything else. The only reason why women took lead then is men would easily die during hunt. Since then humanity improved in every are known to us and then society started stating that males take the lead as females stay at home when men are out and gaining something for himself and his family. Today even though we say that every one has same equality for sure we don’t, somehow female species are always seen as weaker sex and less capable than male. Now days its common woman to be treated as someone else’s property than human itself. Today society created double standard for women that cannot be reached, shaping people’s mind and somehow look down on women forgetting that she could be strong individual who’s no less than men.

Social medias are not helping it either because they are making standard for women even higher than it usually should be. And those standards are ruining people’s mind tricking them into believing impossible perfect human being and females looking at reality start to self-pitying themselves and try to change. Standards should be used to organize but somehow it’s now shape to fit in. Turning on TV there’s only pretty faces will appear, TV stations never use average…

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