What Does It Say? Essay

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What does it Say?
The Edwin Smith Surgical papyrus is a concoction of many different papyrus’ that if sewed together would form a book of sorts. The Surgical papyrus is an ancient Egyptian document written in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. The document entails roughly 48 cases on how to treat anything from the upper abdomen to the head, so long as it entails wounds or injuries in an adult male. The cases entail everything from the swelling of the brain, to a gaping shoulder wound.
What was it designed to do?
The papyrus is written as a sort of guide entailing: The title, Examination and prognosis, Treatment, and Explanations of the wounds/injuries. It’s believed that the way it was designed (explaining everything about the wound and procedures in order to heal it) was to be used as a sort of guide book for physicians and their apprentices back in ancient Egyptian times.
What was its purpose?
Although we may never be sure, it’s believed that the papyrus was designed as a guide, could even have been used by students learning the trade of surgery. Considering the vast amount of cases written in the papyrus and how it is specified to only a certain part of an adult male’s body we can only assume that it was a guide for those working in the medical field during ancient Egyptian battles. Most wounds/injuries featured in the papyrus are what common battle wounds or wounds from projects (such as building projects) would look like then. The fact that the papyrus never actually…

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