What Does It Mean? Essay

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What does this mean?
As urbanism and a sedentary lifestyle spread, people were trading more than ever before. Merchants needed a way to indicate which goods belonged to whom, so they used the cylinder seals to indicate ownership. As they traded their goods, those seal impressions became more far-spread, therefore those seals were transmitting the artistic ideas of whatever was depicted upon the original stamp. For many of those stamps, the images featured, in fact, hybrid creatures, thereby inadvertently aiding in the transmission of these images of hybrid creatures.

Cylinder seals with images of hybrid creatures and their spread Images of hybrid creatures first began appearing in southern Mesopotamia, near the floodplains of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. However, it did not take long before the images of the hybrid creatures had spread great distances, particularly North and West, so far away as the Nile river valley and delta in Egypt, where Urbanism was also on the rise, as well as along the Levantine coast.
One particularly well-known example of the spread of these hybrid creatures can be found on the obverse of the Narmer Palette from Hierakonpolis.[IMAGE] This palette features the images of two serpent-necked lions in raised relief, whose necks create a rim around what seems to be a grinding surface for pigments. This artefact is particularly interesting due to the image of the serpent-necked lions being depicted in a horizontal register, as well as being in…

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