Essay What Does It Mean?

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What is living in the present?In the past, I could not understand this. However, through the things that I experienced,I begin to understand a little bit of what living in the present is. It is to focus on the present and try the best to do what you are doing right now. Do not live in the life with the past honor and also do not look forward to the future that is full of the imagination. No one can predict what will happen in the next second. The only thing we can take control is the present. When happiness comes, we should learn to enjoy it. Meanwhile, when troubles come, we should try our best to figure them out instead of suffering from the troubles and complaining about life.

Why we should choose to forget the honor that we got in the past? The reason is the honor that we got in the past might be the burden when we start another journey in our life. What does it mean? Taking myself as an example, when I was young and studied in elementary school, I was good at mathematics. It was a normal thing for me to distract in the mathematics class. However, I could finish the homework very easily and get a grade that would make my parents smile. I was never worried about my mathematics. And this experience made me consider that I had the talent for mathematics. When I was twelve years old, I left elementary school and I became a middle school student. At the beginning, I was always distracted in mathematics class, because I thought that I could get a great grade in this course…

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