What Does It Mean? Essay

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When we use the word normal to describe someone, some may take it to mean that they are valid while others may take it to mean that they are bland and not special. Depending on the context, it can mean either of those things. Normality cannot exist without its counterpart, abnormality. Abnormality can simply refer to something that is different, something that is uncommon or unconventional but many times there are certain connotations associated with different words synonymous to abnormal. Words such as extraordinary, eccentric, or exceptional all have positive connotations that when used to describe something or someone, is meant to put that thing or person on a pedestal. However descriptors such as strange, queer, and bizarre are taken to mean something unwanted. Unfamiliarity with something can cause people to label it as abnormal. The norm or status quo is formed by the experiences of the majority of a population. The experiences vary greatly among cultures and societies. Day-to-day conventions occurring in Asian countries may seem spectacular or mystifying to Western society. The same can be said from the opposite view point. This again emphasizes the fact that there is no universal set of criteria that constitutes normality. Essentially, it is to say that normality is the collective opinions and experiences of a majority of a population. However, to complicate things, this like-mindedness need not be among a majority of people but rather among people with privilege. In…

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