Essay on What Does It Mean?

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What Does It Mean To Be Green The United States of America is behind in a technology that we have been using for over fifty years. This is coming from an unhealthy fear of the word nuclear. When we hear the word nuclear we imagine bombs, think of radiation and smoke stacks coming out of tall cooling towers, not realizing the smoke is not smoke at all. This smoke is carbon free, its clean and its encountered everyday by all humans. Some would even say it is a life sustaining force the ‘smoke’ people are seeing is nothing more than water vapor. I challenge you to rethink what it means to leave a small carbon footprint and what it means to be green. When comparing nuclear and solar technologies there are multiple things to consider price to build, projected carbon emissions from the plant, and projected electrical output. In a recent study conducted in Turkey it was estimated the price to build a nuclear power plant is almost three times building a large scale solar power plant. The study projected nuclear power plant costs to be approximately thirty-two billion dollars while a large scale solar plant only costs around eleven billion dollars. The solar plant is only expected to have a life expectancy of half the nuclear plant though, factoring the cost of a second solar plant then brings your total up to twenty-two billion dollars (Abdullah Burgahan, Karaveli Ugur Soytas, and Bulent G Akinoglu). Futhermore, when you look at projected…

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