What Does It Mean? Essay example

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What does it mean to eat ethically? That’s what I was wondering, while I was trying to pick a question to write about. While I did research, I found out “means you strive to make educated decisions about your food choices and the impact such choices have on our community, animals, and our environment, and then you strive to reach the best conclusion for YOU” According to this blogger named Caitlin. I’m not a vegan, and I eat meat however, I don’t eat red meat I eat white meat and also I care how my meat is treated before it was slaughter. Sometimes I don’t eat meat at all. I debate with myself all the time, asking myself, is using animals for food is good or bad? That’s when my religion comes to help me make the right choose from an Islamic point of view. Before I buy my meat, I ask myself is it halal. Halal means symbolizing or concerning to meat prepared as agreed by Muslim Law. People would ask, what are those Muslim Law? Muslims have approaches of slaughtering an animal for example, “the animal must be slaughtered by cutting the throat with the single constant back and forth gesture of a sharp knife, the cut must cut at least three of the trachea, esophagus, and the two blood vessels on both side of the throat, the spinal cord must not be cut, animals must be healthy treated before being slaughtered , animals must not see other animals being slaughter, the knife must not be sharpened in the animals attendance, the knife cutting edge must be free of marks, stains that…

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