What Does It Mean? Essay

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What does it mean when someone is called an “Exoduses”? Why did southern blacks participate in the “exodus”?
The first and most powerful exodus was in biblical days when Moses inspired by God led the Israelites out of Egypt out of the hands of Pharaoh who held them as slaves for over four hundred years. In retrospect, the same applies to the African American. The Jewish people had to deal with slavery, brutality, and denial of basic right was also the fate of African American. Thus, the name exoduster came about as African American believes that it was God it was the hand of God in the same way the Jewish people believe Moses that it was the God who was guiding him and followed him out of Egypt, the same applies to African American who was influenced by men like Benjamin “pap” Singleton who had a dream of helping fellow former slaves become property owner in his flier. (Archives.gov, 2015)
Exoduses the name that was given to thousands of African America 1879 who fled from persecution, unbearable hardship, and prejudice deemed suitable; “A mass departure of people” (Oxford dictionary, 2015)Life in the south for African American becomes intolerable because of the black codes and the rise of the Klu Klux Klan which led to the migration from the south to the west, particular Kansas and Nebraska as their final destination. (Nebraska Studies, 2015)
The exoduster were hoping for a chance of a better life and to establish the first African America states see Kansas as the…

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