What Does It Mean? Essay

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Was does it mean to be real? It wasn’t until I finished the final draft of Poison Lip Gloss that it struck me how often I write about this topic. I struggled quite a bit with my “reality” when I was younger, and even sometimes now. I can touch a blade of grass and know that it exists to me, but do I exist to it? Well, if I can bend the blade down to the earth then I have affected it. My presence, my touch, has changed that leaf and though it has sprung back up the same as before, it will never be the same because before, it had never been touched by a human hand. And even more, I have left a fingerprint like a stamp. It is the same with people, isn’t? Through the senses, every single person you come in contact with you affect positively or negatively, and the same vice versa. But, I think it goes deeper than the senses, because that is physical, let’s go down, down, down shall we say to a subconscious level. If facts represent a straight line, then intuition (what we know and sense between the facts) is a wavy line weaving in over and under the facts. We all have this subconscious level, but not everyone is aware of it. It probably depends on your ancestry and DNA, whether your ancestors needed to depend on intuition for survival. But it’s like the wind, you can’t see, touch, smell or taste it. It just is.

In the China Doll, I think both Sabel and her mother knew there was something wrong with the doll. The mother senses trouble, but does not know where to look for it. She…

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