What Does It Mean? Essay

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Sartre believes in externalism which means that the meaning of life isn 't given to us by god but rather we have to make it or create it. I think this is true since god doesn 't necessarily do everything for us. When someone is making a choice, god will direct that person in the sense they will be either successful or not in whatever they are doing. When god is helping a person he or she wants that person to help someone else and it goes on. A person has the right to make their choices which doesn 't essentially mean everything they do or don 't do is their choice. An example of this phenomenon is shown in the WW II, the people who took no initiative in doing nothing because they had the option either to do something or nothing at all. One of the current hot topics is the huge flooding going on in Chennai, India because of the heavy rain. There is no place for the water to go flooding houses and other properties. Probably half of the world still doesn 't know about this. The nation media left the flooding out since it is not going bring up their rating. It is as important as the Paris attacks thousand more people died. Many are stuck in their house with no food and electricity, no way to get out or contact anyone. One interesting fact is that all of the Chennai people are getting together and helping out. Even the Indian navy and army helped out to rescue with their team. The people got help because the new got publicized through social media like face book people sharing…

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