What Does It Mean You Teach ( Or Practice ) Responsibly? Essay

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Part I – What does it mean to teach (or practice) responsibly?

The purposes and or/goals I believe display responsible practice in your context , my context is either in a organization structure or during an education setting. Management theorist such a Phillips Selznick (1998) defines an organization as a social entity set out to accomplish and allocate tasks and responsibilities. The steps I believe that depicts responsible practice from my standpoint includes and not limited to; motivating, overseeing, controlling and having authority over a classroom, adult learner and an organization: to accomplish the aims and objectives set forth. Personal values I believe in, and attempt exude for responsible practice will be adopted from my personal experiences as well as readings from this course and throughout my collegiate life/career.
A good educator and leader needs to first and foremost separate personal life and worklife. In aspects of personal life one must individually understand cultural diversity within one or the same culture. Once one understands diversity in personal life, then it will be easier transition into the workplace or school place. I will and do refrain from inferring, inference is defined as a "statement about the unknown made on the basis of the known" (p.40). Inferences can create biases and at times very visible in a written report. Judgements whether personal, or general is not allowed and applicable to any legitimate situation.

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