What Does It Mean You Have Knowledge With Absolute Certainty?

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What does it mean to have knowledge with absolute certainty? Is there any? Though might seem very simple to answer, they can be very difficult to ponder upon critically. To reason such inquiries, one must go into deep thought of what it is questioning and that it exactly what philosophy is. Author in his book examines each of the famous opinions raised by the fathers of modern philosophy and some of the most sophisticated thinkers. Before presenting his own, author states his view toward each version and goes on to explain why. He mentions the different terms involved in topics of “appearance and reality” and “properties of matter”. In other words, he attempts to tackle down our main question that sparked a huge argument among philosophers for centuries. On Russell’s search for inevitability, He starts by looking around his daily experiences. Precisely the one in which people tend to make assumptions about but are in fact under the threat of fallacy. This is because of depending on immediate experiences rather than pondering upon them. To prove this, he starts off by examining his surroundings in an effort to find something that may seem accurate, but then again can be reasonably questioned. To serve the purpose of clarity, he gives an example of the table. Each table may have a different color, texture, and sound. In terms of sight, it may look brown, shiny, etc. Its texture feels smooth and hard to the touch. Finally, when tapping it, it obviously…

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