What Does It Mean You Be Australian? Essay examples

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What does it mean to be Australian? In Australian media, an Aussie is typically portrayed as a Caucasian, larger-than-life, masculine male who tames crocodiles for a living and lives in the bush; the vast, yet stunning landscape that occupies over 70% of the country (1). This is how Australians want their country to viewed in the national spotlight. The problem is, this is not at all realistic. Australia is becoming a very multicultural country, with the amount of residents born over seas approaching nearly 25% (2), and the indigenous population nearing 550,000; a number that only represents the people who choose to identify as indigenous (2). The Caucasian male is quickly diminishing as a representation of the country, but other characteristics of “the Australian” certainly still preside in society. What can be concluded from this is that “the Australian” is merely the culmination of all desirable Australian characteristics, traits that are taken from ordinary men, that are fused together to create a product; the perfect Australian. The great part about the movie Mad Bastards is that is portrays the desirable Australian characteristics from a realistic point of view; one that allows us to step life of an average aboriginal Australian living in western Australia. The movie depicts the not-so-glorious struggles that Australians of indigenous decent are currently facing in their day to day lives, while praising the aboriginal culture and the great Australian landscape. Mad…

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