What Does It Mean You Be An American? Essay example

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What does it mean to be an American?
To be an American means more than just living in the country for a set amount of years. It means more than being granted citizenship, and more than just waving a Boy Scout American flag in your yard on Memorial Day. To be an American is to be free, and that is what we as Americans sometimes take for granted and forget. Being an American isn 't just living in the “greatest country in the world”, there are plenty of other countries that say the same exact things. There are far less countries in this world though, that are free, and have the American mindset. Not many countries employ so many freedoms and have the ‘American dream’. The American mindset is not just something that came up overnight, it is compiled over generations and from many different cultures. Having an American mindset is also having the mindset of the German, British, Spanish, Italian, Irish, French, Japanese and so many more. The American dream has slowly evolved and changed over the decades, but overall still has the same message and theme. To be an American is to know and appreciate our mindset and our freedoms.
To begin, having the freedom of religion is major part of being American. Our founding forefathers created this country with the idea that anyone can practice whatever religion they want, which is huge. You can go into whatever church or building you please and worship whatever god or gods you wish too, and there is no consequence. There is even the option of…

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