What Does It Mean To Be Green Essay

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What Does it Mean to be Green?
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This book is all about ways to be green in our current society. With all the different environmental issues happening in our world today, it is important to teach students how to protect their environment. This book is a fun and easy resource in understanding just how to protect our earth. This book explains what it means to be green and also gives the ways students can be green. All of the suggestions are very applicable to the students’ lives. For example the book gives some suggestions, which include recycling. The book places great emphasis on recycling and addresses it throughout. Then it suggests turning off the water when brushing your teeth. They also suggest setting up carpools and using
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What can we recycle: This is the activity that would include family involvement. The teacher would send out a letter home a week before hand, asking parents to collect different recycled goods which include plastic bags, bottles, cans, batteries, boxes, paper rolls, and much more. By the time the lesson is to occur we should have a nice supply of recycled items. Teacher should also collect recycled materials just in case. Then the whole class will play what is my rule. We will form a circle on the floor and I will place different materials in the center of the circle recyclable materials as well as non-recyclable materials. The teacher say, “Some of these objects follow my rule and some don’t? Try to find out what my rule is. Then students will pick an item from the circle and ask, “Does this follow your rule?” Depending on the object answer accordingly. When the children finally guess the rule, which is recyclable objects, start to create a Venn diagram of what is recyclable and what is not recyclable. Helpful hint: batteries can go into the “both category” because it depends on what type of battery. For the “both category”, you can also put Styrofoam because it can be both recycled and thrown away depending where the students live. End activity by filling in the “what” part of the anchor …show more content…
Why do we recycle: For this activity I would watch a super fun video on why we recycle. I chose to watch a movie because so much of our daily lives revolve around technology and it is also another way of reinforcing these concepts for the students. The video is a simple and easy to understand video on YouTube called Recycle by Wonder Grove Kids. The video also has a cute little song to go with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaFpv03hq-4. After we watch the video, fill in the last part of the anchor chart. Then introduce a new writing prompt for the week, which is, “Everyone should recycle because…” Students will work on this for a week or so and they are to be displayed in the hallway to try to convince some of their peers to recycle and be

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