What Does It Mean Than A Superior Person? Essay

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What Does It Mean to be a Superior Person? Despite humanity 's flaws and failures, Confucius still saw hope for people. He dedicated his life to trying to possess all the virtues and cultural practices, and trying to convince others to follow his lead. He hoped that his attempts would save humanity and put them back on the path to the Way. According to Confucius, one could achieve the Way through devotion to traditional cultural forms. One who has eventually mastered all these forms is said to be a gentleman and they now possess the virtue of ren. Ren is described as goodness, or caring for others, and for those who have mastered the Way, ren has become a second nature to them. In this paper I will discuss what it means to be a gentlemen, the virtues needed to achieve it and how Confucius’s political views overlap with his ideas about being a good person. In the Analects, Confucius describes the gentleman as someone who is relaxed and at ease even throughout hardship; he contrasts them with a petty man who is anxious and full of worry. He also says that the gentleman inspires others to follow his moral actions and “if the gentleman is kind to his relatives, the people will be inspired toward ren.” (Analects pg.23, 8.2). A gentleman is someone who creates a civilized society where there is no “uncouthness.” They instruct others in the art of ritual practice and music to help them on their path to the Way, and their words never exceed their actions. The title…

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