What Does It Mean For Lecture Halls And Lectures? Essay

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when you first arrive at university, transitioning over to their type of learning changes the way that most first year students must structure themselves and their time many realize that the work load has increased and that they must take on the responsibility for scheduling study and leisure times effectively the transition to lecture halls and lectures that involve a high level of note taking may be new to many first years, this is usually due to the pace at which lectures are presented and the volume of material taught when first coming to university, reading is the general norm for a students learning process. it is important to learn to read effectively and independently to learn what you need to learn from the course time will need to be invested to develop active reading strategies
What Does it Mean to Read Actively? when reading, having a purpose is a way of saying that when your reading you have goals set in place goals are a good way of focusing your attention; consideration on these specific details of a chapter are good to keep in mind when reading when you read without setting goals, by default, you are saying that everything detail within the reading has the same merit as everything else and that the reader wants to learn it all at once by doing so the reader could forget large sections of the text as soon as they finish reading by using the structure of a reading to build an overview, the reader will be able to select a focus; this is active reading…

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