Essay on What Does It Mean For Grow As A Person?

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Final Exam 1. What does it mean to grow as a person?
Adolescence (Chapters 9-10) Development is an intricate, unified process that takes place throughout the lifespan. In adolescence three main developmental tasks are underway including physical development, cognitive development, and identity development.
Physical Development When speaking of physical development in adolescence, both genetic and environmental factors play a role in a process of sexual maturation known as puberty (p. 283). Physically growth spurts in height and weight, as well as, external and internal sexual dimorphism is taking place during adolescent development (p. 285). Additionally, during adolescence, it is not uncommon to see an increase in risky behavior, conflict with parents, moodiness, and negative affect (p. 285). These behavioral changes are often referred to as the “storm and stress” of adolescence (p.286). Such mood changes and negative affect is linked to the increase in hormones during adolescence. Sexual exploration is another common occurrence that takes place during adolescence (p. 289). The main contribution factor to such exploration is sexual maturation, but other factors such as cultural, social, and familial all play into the emergence of sexuality as well (p. 289). Growth of the brain including pruning, synaptogenesis, and the continuation of myelination are continues during adolescence (p. 292, 293). There are several areas of the corpus callosum and cortex that are involved…

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