Essay on What Does It Mean For A Middle Class?

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An Envied Middle Class

What does it mean to be middle class in America today? Although there is still no set academic or literary definition, the U.S Department of Commerce Economic and Statistics Administration found the most common characteristic of self proclaimed middle class Americans to be the focus they place on aspirations such as: “economic stability, a better life for one’s children, and a current lifestyle that allows for a few creature comforts” (DOC 13). Even though so many U.S. citizens consider themselves “working class” or middle class, a larger emphasis of media influences including: TV series, social networking sites, tabloids, etc. depict a more intriguing life for people who fall in higher social realms. One television series I recently began watching was NBC’s original sitcom The Office. The sitcom is set in Scranton Pennsylvania in one branch of a paper company called “Dunder Mifflin”. It chronicles the lives of all the employees including: the regional manager, the sales staff, the warehouse workers, the accountants, and the receptionist. I became so invested due to the average and dull life each character appears to live, however, they still seem content and fulfilled within their ordinary existences. The Office, due to its lack of glamour, use of comedic relief, and the emphasis on each individual character creates a TV show in which the middle class American with their traditional aspirations in the U.S workplace is someone to be envied. Within…

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