What Does It Mean? A Father? Essay

718 Words Nov 5th, 2015 3 Pages
What does it mean to be a father? If 100 people where asked that question there would be 100 completely different responses. However, many of the responses tend to have many similarities. A father is big part of any child’s life and no one else can replace them. A father will go to great lengths and do just about anything to make their child or children happy. A child’s best friend is their father, and their father is also the one there to discipline them if need be. A father will also always be there for their child to help and guide them no matter the circumstance. A father is someone who will go through leaps and bounds to make their child happy, and be able to see them smile. No matter how old the child is the father is always doing one thing or another to make the child happy. When the child is young the father might get them a new toy or play a game with them to make them happy. As the child ages the fathers options to make their child smile change greatly: for example, instead of buying toys for a 20 year old child the father might just take their child out to dinner to have some good quality time and laugh and joke with them. As a child ages the father also still gives them gifts but they are usually more close to the heart and meaningful than they are of value. All in all, a father will do just about anything in the world just to see their child crack the smallest smile. A father has one of if not the toughest job of all time. They have to be best friends with…

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