What Does It Feels Me? Essay

992 Words May 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Someone could make up a million reasons to try to validate what has occurred, but I won 't ever be that person. I will believe you. I could name a list of things I will be there for, but it would go on forever. The amount taken away from you I can never give back, but I will believe you and here 's why.

1. I understand what it feels like to not be believed in.
I understand the pain that comes along when someone does not believe. I will believe you if you tell me you have been sexually assaulted because I am capable of understanding. I will use my words to support you rather than deteriorate you. When people who do not understand a situation try to, they often do not say the right things.

2. You need support
You need people who are going to support you. People will leave as much as that hurts to say. They will and you will find yourself confused as why. You need someone who is willing to say I stand up for you and I support you. You will be making a lot of decisions soon and you need support to find the resources you need. Your support system will support you no matter if you decide to report, or you do not.

3. You are loved.
Simple as that. You are loved and cared about by so many people Your life matters, and right now things might be a little fuzzy. You may experience nightmares, and the terrible parts of trauma but I am going to love you through it. I love you, and many others love you. The person who inflicted this crime on you is very awful. This person…

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