What Does It All Mean? Essay example

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Every girl wants to be “perfect”. Every girl wants to “fit in”. Every girl wants to be“loved”. What does it all mean? You might be wondering why I used quotations to define the terms of which our happiness lies in. The reality of the fact is, no matter how much we deny it, our perception of perfection has been distorted to unfathomable lengths. This is a blog about three girls that fell into a circle of questions that only they could answer. Why am I not perfect? What stops me from being “normal”? How do I love myself again? Here are some accounts of how girls are convinced that they aren 't enough by media, subconscious thoughts, and society. For most people, being healthy and skinny by dieting to have a “favourable body image” is a trend nowadays. Even I have lived the experience of dieting and staying fit to be “thin”. I think very few people see what is “behind” this trend, and by “behind”, I mean how its affecting peoples lives. Having parents who are obsessed with being skinny and fit led me to being insecure about my own body. My dad had imposed dieting on me since I was 13. Eventually, I saw dieting as “fixing” my problem, which got me to think something was wrong with my body. The difference between dieting and eating healthy is that dieting involves taking out important elements of a nutritious meal in order to lower calories. This trend has created a perception in people on how a favourable body image identifies with success, power, and attractiveness. This…

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