What Does It All Mean? Essay

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e Meaning of Life Do you get up in the morning because you have to or is it because you want to?
Life, the simplest word that has so much meaning to someone. Does anything even matter? In chapter ten of “What does it all mean?” Nagel says that in two-hundred years, nothing will really matters. Even if you write a book, the world will collapse and it is like nothing ever happened. For example, this essay, what is truly the point of writing this essay? If in two hundred years it won’t mean anything at all. You, professor, may think about this essay that I have written for you in the next couple years or so, but eventually, you will die. I know everyone has a different meaning of their life or life in general. Everyone experiences different things, and nobody knows what is going on in another human beings thoughts. But then again if we knew what the meaning of life was, we would achieve our goal and then we would want to die. After we achieve our ultimate goal in life, ultimate happiness, what else can one live for? We might as well die and let your soul be eternally happy. I think that is why people commit suicide I think everyone has a purpose in life, whether it is to be a homeless person, and he gave up on his purpose and then later in life he found his purpose or maybe thats the way he wanted to die, homeless. Another example. a person working in Starbucks, making minimum wage, maybe their purpose in life is to make people smile in the morning while they get…

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