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I think whenever they take a book and adapt it to the screen, they have to make changes.

I 've tried to say this in the Facebook group every now and then 'cause it comes up there. If they were doing a series of movies--which is one of the options they talked about--if we had done it as a series of movies, then each book would have had its own movie, had it own beginning, its own middle, its own end, its own romance, and its focus would have been on its own kid or grown-up or whatever character. Which is the way the books went. Frankly, because they got a very great cast, the focus has to be on that core family initially. For budgetary reasons if nothing else. So you have to approach it a different way.
I don 't know what the experience other authors who have worked with Hallmark has been, but because I spent so many years covering television, I 'm a little calmer than even the readers of the books sometimes. I 'm sure you 've seen on occasion, they get fierce. And I 've tried really hard to be protective of where they 're coming from too. But I also have to be realistic that we have to do certain things to make it work. And I do hope people who watch the pilot and then the series can look at it for what it is. They need to ask themselves, "Does it keep the heart of the O 'Briens that they 've loved in the books?" And I think it does.

I think it 's that thing of going in with an open mind, and sometimes people don 't want to do that. I have learned on so many occasions as…

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