What Does God Exist? Essay

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Does God Exist?
Section 1
Yes, God exists. When it comes to the existence of God, there have been comprehensive revelations through personal experiences of people. Therefore, in answering and substantiating the statement in question, the paper will rely on various documented experiences such as events of the bible and other relevant material.
Section 2 From other viewpoints, it seems God does not exist. As Anthony Flew states in a publication that the Biblical conception of God entails a renunciation of autonomy of the will. In this statement, he is indirectly opposing the existence of God. Specifically, he says, “…the Biblical conception of God entails a denial of freedom of the will and a complete determinism.” (Miethe and Flew). Flew maintains that his only problem is the fact that he cannot get the DNA of the first human beings to reproduce. In another view by Shook (17), atheology offers clear demonstrations that god does not exist. In his argument, he states that there is plenty of material that can support his position. This material includes logic, unmistakable evidence, as well as scientific evidence. Theology has always defended religion through maintaining the aspects of the existence of God. Further, in his argument, Shook states that the presence of defensive theology raises questions on the existence of a god (Shook 17). Some etheists have been supported by the idea that the devil exists. If the existence of the devil is a reality,…

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