What Does Cultural Background Affect The Impact Knowledge? Essay

1559 Words Mar 2nd, 2015 null Page
As one begins the journey to enlightenment in the Buddhist religion, knowledge about worldly affairs is to be forgotten. In this case, the one who is trying to gain enlightenment is encouraged to meditate on what is already known and seek a deeper understanding through pure conjecture to reach self-actualization. This attitude towards knowledge drastically changes from culture to culture as some value it highly while others consider it trivial to understand things that they do not need in order to survive. This begs the question, to what extent can cultural background affect the impact knowledge has on the purpose and meaning one draws from life? Before any real discourse can initiate, it is beneficial to define some terms. To my understanding, the most open-ended words in this context are “purpose”, “meaning” and “knowledge.” While purpose is the concrete incentive behind an action one takes, meaning seems to tie in to the more abstract personal enticement one feels when pursing something they believe in or enjoy. Knowledge is a more summative term here that encompasses information that one gains through either experience or scholarly endeavors. One can generalize that point of knowledge can quite aptly be attributed to giving purpose and meaning to life; however in a more transcendent sense the point of knowledge is to futilely attempt to qualm the insatiable human hunger for understanding. To conduct this investigation, the means of human understanding that must be…

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