Essay on What Does Crossfit Exercise Is A Fad?

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A friend of mine had urged me to start working out with him for about four months, each time he broached the subject, I had an excuse why I could not. I have never been one who exercised regularly or with much emphasis on gaining results from any exercising I did do. Then one day, he told me I could try three classes for free at CrossFit Murfreesboro where he works out. Finally, he caught me at a time when I no longer had an excuse. He told me to meet him there a few days later, and to rest up between then and meeting up at the gym. Two years into working out at CrossFit Murfreesboro and I have not looked back.
Many believe CrossFit exercise is a fad, it is a dangerous way to exercise, and some even liken it to a cult. If you know anything about CrossFit then you likely know just about as many people against it as for it. It is one of those "love it or hate it" topics. So, if you have already made up your mind about CrossFit, this article likely will not change that. However, CrossFit Murfreesboro does dispel the negative beliefs and exemplifies the positives of high intensity training in a modestly looking facility, all supervised by a coaching staff dedicated to seeing you improve.
As first impression goes, CrossFit Murfreesboro 's "Box" (gym to non-CrossFit people) looks more like a sparsely filled space in a warehouse in the industrial part of town. As you walk in, it is hard not to notice the huge "M" on either side wall. Its shape is what you would expect to see in a…

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