What Does Cowherds Can Connect With Them? Essay

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In order for Cowherds to execute “Cowherds connect” solution, we suggest to incorporate new channels of distribution. However, these channels will be a tool to target the same target group, children. The idea behind this is to connect with primary schools and hospital to expand the Cowherds community and reach more people to tackle health issues in Salford.

To reach efficiency in the application of this solution we researched primary schools and their characteristics to explain how Cowherds can connect with them.
First, Holy Family Salford constitutes a primary school based on British values, which includes a wide range of extracurricular activities ranging form sport to house choirs. Additionally, the schools provide a healthy menu for students. A way to connect with Holy Family and try to engage children into healthy lifestyles would be to propose the school to create another extracurricular activity such us “Cooking”. This way, Cowherds can educate children in some sessions about the benefits of eating healthy as well as the benefits of vegetarianism and veganism.

Another school that Cowherds can partner with is Willow Tree School. This school is one of the less engaged in healthy practices. The advantage of this school is that there is a lot of family support. For that reason being, Cowherds can connect with children by proposing extracurricular activities where parents can get involved and educate children on healthy eating.

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