What Does Copyright Of Copyright? Essay

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This means no one is allowed to copy your stuff because it 's illegal unless they get your permission and give you credit for making it if they choose to use it.
NZ Copyright Act 1994 -http://www.copyright.org.nz/basics.php
What does copyright protect?
Copyright protects your work and/or stuff so that people can 't use it or claim it as theirs and if they do use your pictures etc. with permission then they should give you credit. Movies are copyright so that they don 't get stolen and claimed by someone else. Some people illegally watch movies online which is copyright because whoever put the movie online is technically stealing it or has illegally recorded it maybe from a movie theatre somewhere.

How long does copyright last?
Copyright for films and sound recordings last for 50 years. But can vary for the different types of information (movies, songs etc.) you want protected.

File Security
Privacy where only you and who you choose to share with, can view your work/stuff.
I can choose who sees my work, I could share it with certain people or a group of people if I wanted to, this gives me file security if i don 't want people to see my stuff.

12 Principles - https://www.privacy.org.nz/the-privacy-act-and-codes/privacy-principles/
Collection of personal information
Reasons why personal information may be collected
Personal information is collected because employers need to have personal details like age/date of birth, addresses and many…

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