What Does Bowen Mean By Differentiation? Essay

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1. What does Bowen mean by differentiation? We have already discussed whether or not the parents in the Family Crucible are or are not differentiated. Look at them again, however, and give me at least five specific examples to support your conclusion as to whether or not they are differentiated (five for each parent).
Bowen believes that a person is a differentiated individual when they can successfully regulate their emotions. A differentiated person must have an understanding of self and the different roles that they play in life, thus using intellect instead of emotion when dealing with stressful situations. Following Bowen’s definition of differentiation I do not think that the Brice family function as a differentiated family.
For example, the mom in the family I would say is a clear cut example of someone who reacts to things in a very emotional way. An obvious depiction would be her non-differentiation would be her constant criticism of Claudia. I don’t believe that she is stopping to think about her daughters feeling in the situation. It seems to me like she is acting off her emotions alone. Secondly, instead of working out her issue with her husband, she spends a lot of time involving her mother. Part of being differentiated is being able to act as a separate unit. Third, I would also consider her guarded behavior during the first encounter with the therapist as an undifferentiated action. They attended family therapy only wanting to talk about Claudia’s problems.…

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