What Does Body Image Dissatisfaction? Essay

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In the formidable world of scholarly research, a small yet imperative and critical dispute remains unsettled. This conflict revolves around whether or not adolescent males suffer from body-image dissatisfaction, or more precisely, to what degree. Body image dissatisfaction as Sarah Grogan impeccably puts it “[is] a person’s negative perceptions, thoughts, and feelings about his or her [own] body” (Grogan 4). She and numerous other scholars believe that many adolescent boys are firmly concerned about their body image (Polce-Lynch et al. 1998; Ricciardelli and McCabe 2001). Supporting her inference through a qualitative method of focused group interviews, Grogan found that nearly all of her test subjects endeavored to acquire a body that matches what society deemed attractive. However, Duane Hargreaves and Marika Tiggemann disagree entirely. Relying on a similar qualitative method, they discovered that almost all adolescent males gave very little to no concern whatsoever towards their body images (Hargreaves and Tiggemann 570).
In an effort to put an end to this controversy, I aim to broadly assess the current adolescent males’ body image stance and determine to what degree do they, in reality, suffer from this issue. As mentioned earlier, Grogan and Hargreaves obtained their conclusions through focus group interviews. Although this method provides information on how groups of people think, as well as an insight into why certain opinions are held, it fails to…

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