What Does Article Meant? An Article For Hours And Not Having A Clear Understanding

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Could you imagine reading an article for hours and not having a clear understanding of what that article meant? Well, Gloria Anzaldua challenges her readers with similar issues in her writing “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”. She mixes two languages together in her writing, creating a Spanglish read. Her piece can be a very difficult read for the average monolingual reader. I often got frustrated at the fact that I didn 't understand everything she wrote in her text. When I got to the Spanish parts of the text I had trouble pronouncing the words, let alone knowing what the words even meant. I felt as if it there was something that I was missing because I didn’t have the full understanding of her writing and that bothered me. One might ask, “Why would Anzaldua even write a piece that would cause so much confusion to her readers?” Anzaldua is no fool, the tactic she used was to enhance the meaning of her writing. She incorporates this idea into her piece “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” because she wanted her readers to understand why she had such a hard time. Being a native Chicano speaker, learning English was a difficult task to master. She then starts to go into further detail about her hardships and how she was forced to become an American English speaker. I mentioned the struggle and frustration I had with reading her text. That was only a glimpse of the troubles she faced throughout her life dealing with the transculturation between the two languages. In fact in the beginning…

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