What Does Alcohol Do You? Essay

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What does Alcohol Do to You?

Many people tend to think alcohol problems apply only to those that drink excessively, or who are addicted to alcohol. Truth is, any amount of alcohol can be detrimental to your health, and for those that drink beyond sensible drinking limits, the results could be devastating to your body and overall health. So exactly what does alcohol do to you? Aside from the dreaded hangover the next day, your body may be trying to tell you something, and you should pay close attention to the signs.
What does Alcohol Do to You?
Anybody that has had a bit too much to drink recognizes some of the immediate effects, such as nausea and vomiting, however binge drinking, and heavy drinking over a long period of time can wreak havoc on your body in many different ways.
! Brain Damage:
Alcohol has been known to cause damage to the brain affecting the ability to learn and remember along with behavioral problems. Younger teens are especially vulnerable, because their brains are still not fully developed. Binge drinkers often experience blackouts, anxiety, and permanent memory loss, and those that drink excessively over long periods of time risk alcohol dependency, permanent brain damage, and serious mental health issues.
! Cancers:
Second only to smoking, the biggest risk for cancers of the throat and mouth are attributed to alcohol, and those who drink too much alcohol risk their chances of liver cancer. Women too, need to pay particular attention to how alcohol…

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