What Does Active Teaching And Learning Mean You? Essay

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Course Pre-Assessment

DIRECTIONS: Answer the 5 questions about Powerful & Purposeful social studies teaching and learning.

Powerful & Purposeful Teaching and Learning
What does ACTIVE teaching and learning mean to you?

Active teaching and learning means that I have to teach students engaging lessons that they want to learn about and participate in. The students need to participate in the learning process while showing their ability to collaborate with other students. The teacher also needs to be engaged in the lessons and with her students. She should provide meaningful lessons that involve student teacher interaction along with student-to- student interaction.

What might ACTIVE teaching and learning look like within an elementary classroom?

Active teaching and learning within the elementary classroom would involve collaboration between the teacher and her students. For example, the teacher might ask some questions at the beginning of her lesson to get her students to generate ideas about the topic being introduced. The teacher will discuss the topic and then have a hands on participation or involve high order thinking questions to check the students understanding of the topic. This will help the teacher see what needs to be discussed again while getting the students to think, apply, and review the information learned.

What does MEANINGFUL teaching and learning mean to you?

For learning and teaching to be meaningful, I feel that I need to utilize…

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