What Does A Woman Mean When She Says? Essay

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What does a woman mean when she says………...?
1. I need my space or I have to focus on me for a while.
There is of course more than one reason your girlfriend my have said this to you. First it may be a polite way to let you go or it may be that she really does need some space, which may or may not be because of you. I know it may be hard to swallow the first reason, yet sometimes two people are just too different to make a life together. It doesn’t necessarily mean you did anything wrong, still in the long run she feels things are not going to be permanent, so she has decided to take the step and move on. In the second reason; life, work or even you may be overwhelming her at the moment. She needs time to sort through whatever it is bothering her, and get her thoughts back together, everyone has a periods of their life like this. The big mistake would be not to give her the space she needs when she asks for it. Don’t be hounding her to find out if it’s you. This will only make things worse for you, it will become the thing that is overwhelming. Giving her space does not mean disappearing all together either. Call or text her on occasion to let her know you are there for support, if it is you, you’ll know soon enough.
2. I’m not over my ex.
Well let me tell you friends this is a big red flag. It is definitely time to let this relationship go, no matter how much it hurts. You may have always been the rebound. Her ex may be contacting her, and she has discovered…

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