What Does A Tree Have With Government? Essay

1130 Words Feb 12th, 2016 null Page
Oh, how sweet it is to reminisce on the days of short, creative narratives about princesses, cowboys and indians, and a dog named Yodi.

“You want us to write what?” These were the words of my classmates when we were told we were going to write our first, real research paper... ever. We had no idea what to expect! And boy, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

It was Mrs. Spandle’s 4th grade class. Every student was to pick their own tedious destiny from the bowl being passed around. As I unfolded my small sheet of paper, the words “Three Branches of Government” were revealed. Being ten or so years old, I thought to myself, what does a tree have to do with government?

As I began to navigate my mouse around the world of researching for the first time, I was amazed at all of the information you could find on the internet. I was even more intrigued by all the pictures I could find to use in my research paper! Veritably, I probably spent most of my time attending to the pictures and font rather than finding the right information. Then, my teacher had the audacity to tell us web pages couldn’t be our only sources… Good grief. What next?

At the fledgling age of ten, my procrastination problem was revealed. I remember being one of the last students to complete my research paper. Frankly, I just could not wait to get done with that paper and turn it in! Right then and there, I was suffering through my first boring writing experience. It was tragic. That writing…

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