What Does A Good Example? Essay

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Ann: Well. I will think of a good example I could apply to that uh..
Spikes: How do you make it make to sense for the buildings right and one of things you talk about earlier is the fact that you had these policies that are coming of all these levels right how do you filter those??
Ann: I will give you a good example, we tried to operationalize it and figure out within the required parameters. For example, we have principles that say we have a teacher leave I want to hire someone for the rest of year I said you can’t. we can’t get somebody like in August we can’t hire a sub. We have to work with the board of educational examiners so we had somebody who wanted to do that in the building because they needed that person just hire them for the rest of the year. I said you can’t do that but what you can do is this you could hire somebody to come in as needed four to five hours of day say for the next four months because you know they are not going to need them at these times of the day you are not going to need them much of April or May so for this short time you could do this. They said oh that would work and I also give them guidance from DOEE you can’t do that and I swear they don’t read the HR newsletters but I like we bring them the HR newsletter and say it was in the December newsletters and say this is why we can’t do this and try to be creative per say within those parameters we could do say, it really helps when I had been an teacher, principal, superintendent, Asst…

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