What Do You Want? Essays

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What Mortals Want

Gods and celebrities alike are held on a pedestal [untouchable] my mortal men. Some 'normal people ' even have shrines to commemorate these higher beings. Yet,these Gods have showen human emotions and traits, so what makes[them] great? Clay Routledge, a social Psychologist who researches how people view themselves, wrote an article "To Feel meaningful is to Feel Immortal." Scott Barry Kaufman, a psychologist who’s field of study is on positive psychology, has written an essay titled "Why do you Want to be Famous?" These two articles explain why people want to be like [gods], and by doing so, explained the question above, what makes[them] great? To put it in simple terms. Power, getting respect or worshiped, and being immortal in one way or another.

To have power, is to have control over one’s life and control over the world. The Gods in Ovid have changed lives of so many mortals with little thought, but what of the mortals who wish to change their lives? Phaethon, son of Apollo, who has the attitude of his father, but none of the power. So why does Phaeton want That power? Well, according to Kaufman, it is “vulnerability (e.g, ‘I want to be famous because it would help me overcome issues i have about myself.’)”. Phaethon does feel vulnerable, especially post altercation [with Epaphus]. He wonders if Apollo is his father, or if it is just a fabricated lie by his mother like Epaphus had told him. So yes, Apollo did claim rights over the child, but it was…

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