What Do You Think Paper?

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The What Do You Think Paper

I thought for a very long period of time about what my topic for this essay should be. I knew for a fact that I wanted it to something that I am passionate about and I realized that the number one issue in politics today that I am most eager to fight for is women’s rights. Women earned the right to obtain the same rights of men on August 18th, 1920. However, even after 95 years, women are still fighting for their rights and equal space in politics and society, especially for the right to have an abortion. Abortion is defined as “ the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.” It is a procedure that can help a woman to keep her life hers, and make sure that no child is born into a family that cannot care for it and love it. Abortion is not murder; it is a life saving medical procedure, for a woman and her fetus.

I believe that any women should hold the right to terminate a pregnancy if she so wishes. It is her body, not anyone else. It is her life; if she wants to become a mother or not, should not be decided by old men stuffed in some room. I feel that abortion is his powerful tool that women have to be able to control their life and saves many other lives from being ruined. Abortion enables a woman to decide whether or not she can care for a child at that stage in her life. It lets her choose if the baby that she does not want or cannot care for, does not have to live a life…

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