What Do You Think Of Haybron 's View? Essays

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What do you think of Haybron’s view? Are you convinced? Why are why not? What are the outstanding problems or questions about it for you? I am convinced that Haybron’s view of happiness is a perfect account of happiness in regards to practical utility. Throughout his theory, he continuously emphasizes that happiness is far more than a simple fleeting feeling. By distinguishing between three separate forms of happiness, Haybron makes it simple for the reader to understand the significance of both the psyche and well-being of an individual. In psychological happiness, Haybron certainly provides a new and refreshing outlook on happiness. First, he stresses how happiness is actually determined by significant events and our initial disposition to these events; I believe this validates his claim because a person’s dispositions are ultimately what define them. This provides more practical utility to his view of psychological happiness, because the matters now deal with the individual as a whole. Next, Haybron encompasses both central affective states and mood propensity to describe happiness as something that is long-term. Again this follows practical utility because the long-term trait of happiness shows that it is significant enough to last a prolonged period of time. Following these accounts of psychological happiness, Haybron then provides a clear depiction of well-being. Well-being even more so symbolizes the importance of happiness which Haybron is trying to…

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