Essay about What Do You Think Landes Means By Portugal

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32. What do you think Landes means by Portugal’s “leap beyond sense and sensibility”? (Or their “unreasonable initiative”?) Portugal was a small country that exported goods across its many islands. After some time passed, the country decided to turn it’s trading harbors and islands into the Portuguese empire. They did not have the means or manpower to run the empire but were persistent in their choice.

33. What does Landes mean, that the Portuguese “religious commitment entailed a serious commercial disadvantage”? Why would it be a “disadvantage”? Landes means that the Portuguese religious beliefs caused many outbreaks of war and could have been handled in a much more distinguished manner. Instead, Portugal saw the Muslims as foes and would fight them in a moment’s notice. These actions led to war with the bordering lands.

34. What factors made Portugal’s task in the East difficult? What made it easy? Portugal was looking for ways to trade among the islands. They found the Muslims having a different religious belief insulting and executed them for sport. This caused war for the islands which were difficult for the Portuguese. It was difficult due to the religious entailment of the Portuguese leading to war with low resources and disease only found in Portugal men.

35. What was “rent-seeking”? The rent-seeking activities of the Portuguese were to require merchant ships to purchase a trading license. This made the trade from other nations become slowed. Portugal…

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