What Do You Think About Marriage? Essay

1501 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 null Page
Idea of Marriage In 2011, I invited my friends to attend my wedding; they were surprised and asked me: “What do you think about marriage?” At that time, I smiled and did not answer. And then a few days later, I gave them a magazine called “Women.” The “Women” is a popular magazine for Vietnamese women, and it is published every two weeks with many special topics like: love, marriage, family, health, work, and fashion. I like this article because it mentioned the marriage of couples with real love. The hearts of couples have the same beats and thoughts. They share difficult times together for living and working. They create a happy family with children, they try to work to support their family, and they contribute developing society through their skills and jobs. There are many good reasons that being married is better than being single: sharing affection, creating family, improving society. One main reason, being married allows people to share the affection and thoughts with their spouses. First, couples can share their affection through living, working, and relaxing. Feeling is an emotional state to express by gesture, action, and language. Couples have romantic time and feel happy together by the trips, picnics, and vacation because their hearts have the same beats and feelings. Moreover, the wives or husbands share and stand by their spouses’ difficult time. For example, in my own life, I worked in the hospital for many years and I saw and understood many difficult…

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