Essay on What Do You Think About Learning?

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What do you think about learning, whether it be going to college or not going to college? If you’re not, do you plan on working at a job for the rest of your life? According to Mike Ross in Blue Colored Brilliance Rose’s mother was only a waitress and didn’t go to college. He believes that she still acquired knowledge through brains and physically. Whereas Gerald Graff in Hidden Intellectualism believes that “street smarts” can turn into successful academic people. In Graff’s story he does a great way of listing the ideas to support how his mother still learned intellectual ideas by not going to college. Whereas Rose, tells stories about the ways that he thinks street smart people can be turned into successful people along with a little bit of help. Therefore, between the two passages it shouldn’t matter whether or not you attend college, the different type of background or life style you come from, or even your own personal thoughts and views on education. As long as you plan on to do something productive with your life you will find success. To start off, if you have a job you know that it isn’t always the easiest thing to do. You’re solving problems, making things, building things, dealing with the public etc... whatever the case may be not everything you learn comes smoothly. Whether you are a waitress trying to remember your customer’s orders, or a student trying to remember your notes for your exam you’re still using intellectual skills in some way. Rose describes his…

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