What Do You Think About Family Or Better? Essay

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What do you think about when you think about family or better yet who do you think about? Do you think about the love and joy they bring to your life? In that family did you think about your pet, the family member that greets you every time you come home? Dogs are a constant companion, a loyal friend, a loving soul, but to many they have become more of a commodity than a member of our families. Every year more dogs are being abandoned, left on the streets to fend for themselves when they are no longer wanted or useful. If they are lucky dogs and puppies are taken to shelters or rehomed with a new family. Shelters, however, are not salvation, due to the overpopulation of domesticated animals there isn 't enough space for a dog to live out it 's full life span at a shelter. Although there are no kill shelters where dogs may live out their entire lives, there is not enough of them to support the never ending growth of the dog population. Restrictions to breeding, where you can purchase dogs, and to whom may own a dog would help decrease abuse and overpopulation.
Currently there are few restrictions as to who may purchase a dog, the Huron Humane Society and the ASPCA have an application that must be filled out prior to buying a puppy or dog. However the questions asked on the application do little to prove that the inquiring future owner is actually suitable to adopt. The Huron Humane Society asks what type of home the buyer is currently in, previous pet ownership for the past…

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