Essay on What Do You Plan On Doing After High School?

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One School Fits Most
While in high school, the major question throughout your four years, or at least your senior year, is “What do you plan on doing after high school?” Of course, everybody is different so there isn’t only one answer to that question; but the most frequent is to further your education for a certain dream job you’ve had in mind all your life, or even ten minutes before graduating. And when answering that “most important question of your life” you think you’re done, you have everything in life figured out. In reality that question was only the tip of the iceberg, there are so many more questions to answer that nobody prepared you for. You have to find out what kind of school, where, what major, etc. It’s overwhelming when transitioning from teen to young adult. The best way to handle such a drastic transition is take it slow and steady, enroll in a community college.
In order to evaluate this opinion, the criteria are simple and will each be compared to that of a four-year university. The first criterion is the money, either the cost of going to each school type, what exactly you’re paying for, or how to save money when going to each. The second would be academics: the course quality, professors, flexibility, and selection at either. Finally, I’ll compare the day-to-day life students go through when attending school, the difficulties and flexibility.
The traditional way to go after high school is a four-year university, so the actual option of community…

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