What Do You Mean? Essay

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“Now suppose you’re an outfit called HelthWyzer. Suppose you make your money out of drugs and procedures that cure sick people, or else-better-that make it impossible got them to get sick in the first place.”
“Yeah?” said Jimmy. Nothing hypothetical here: that was what HelthWyzer actually did.
“So, what are you going to need, sooner or later?”
“More cures?”
“After that.”
“What do you mean, after that?”
“After you’ve cured everything going.”
Jimmy made a pretence of thinking. No point doing any actual thought: it was a foregone conclusion that Crake would have some lateral-jump solution to his own question.
“Remember the plight of the dentists, after that new mouthwash came in? The one that filled the same ecological niche, namely your mouth? No one ever needed a filling again, and a lot of dentists went bust?”
“So, you’d need more sick people. Or else- and it might be the same thing- more diseases. New and different ones. Right?”
“Stands to reason,” Said Jimmy after a moment. It did, too.
After this conversation with Crake, Jimmy really got thinking about the power that HelthWyzer had over the world before he went to bed. It finally clicked in Jimmy’s little mind that HelthWyzer harnessed the ability to cure diseases and rid the world of them. Instead of using their knowledge and power for good, they created more problems and more sickness. Cures were never going to be an option for HelthWyzer, it was all about creating lackluster remedies that would continuously…

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