What Do You Mean? Essays

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While we were still digging in, sounds of trucks could be heard rumbling down the road. When they appeared, there were fifteen fuel tankers. Each vehicle was flying the black ISIS flag. Each had armed guards and half-ton trucks with mounted machine guns traveled dispersed throughout the column. Then it happened. Joker told me that the FOB wanted me on the horn.
Listening to his headset I became silent as the grave. Joker knew right away that something was wrong. Our prisoner was gone. I remember screaming into the microphone.”
“What do you mean, gone?”
“They told me that the man went out of the chopper door at two thousand feet. The first thoughts that came to me were. ‘Did he go out or did someone help him out?’ There was nothing we could do in the field. Our mission was ongoing and we had to finish it.
As the days passed, we reported a ton of military traffic on the road going to and coming from Reyhanli. Russians, the renewed Syrian Army, Free Syrian Army, Sunni and Shia militias, loads of ISIS fighters and uniforms we didn’t even recognize were on the move with impunity. More oil and diesel fuel came pouring into Turkey than we had ever seen before. Something big was in the planning. It was like the Wild West without any law and order.
In the distance, we heard explosions from the city as plumes of smoke wafted upwards. Another convoy of trucks came rumbling down the road. We saw men, women, and children in the back of the two-ton trucks. Half an hour later the same…

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