What Do You Mean By Little Miss Princess Facade? Essay

1039 Words May 23rd, 2016 null Page
“Nope, I like the fact you have some type of personality besides your Little Miss Princess façade. Here I thought you were this goodie two shoes when actually your snappy and ruthless like everyone else in the world.”
“What do you mean by Little Miss Princess façade?” I curiously asked of the term, remembering he called me the same thing the other day.
“You try to act overly nice and happy, although it’s not required. That’s why you always apologize before making a statement you believe is insulting.”
“That’s not true at all! Sorry, but you were assuming I was wearing this for you and I had to...”
“No need for an explanation,” he grimaced, putting his hand up to stop me. “I understand what you were trying to say and you shouldn’t feel the need to apologize for it. So why do you do it then?”
“Do what?”
“Say sorry all the time?”
This is a weird way to start off a date. “Sorry, but I can’t help it. You can even say it comes second natural to me.”
“I don’t like hurting people feelings,” I half-truthfully told him, staring in the distance. “I wouldn’t want my comments to come off the wrong way, or seem as if I’m trying to insult someone.” I promised myself a long time ago I wouldn’t bother someone else with my problems, especially those I just met. He probably wouldn’t understand anyway.
“Sometimes hurting someone isn’t necessarily bad, especially when it involves the truth,” he genuinely explained. I glanced over and noticed his focus was set on a family of three,…

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