What Do You Make A Hour? Essay

1312 Words Feb 8th, 2015 null Page
Ever wonder if you’re server spit in your food well chances are if you don’t tip well or at all they did. What do you make a hour, most servers only make about $2.13hr. Our pay check is your tips to put it short. That 5 dollars you could have left is 5 more dollars toward our bills. Most people are unaware of our hourly pay. That’s why a 10 % tip should already be included in the bill.
Servers are under paid in most placese and over worked. I my self work my hardest every time, I always give my guest the WoW experience, but sadly not all of customers appreciate that and will abuse my kindness just to stiff me. Now even some of my tables that seem like they are happy will even leave without tipping. Now you might ask why whould they do that?. Well there are fake customers but majority of the time the people don’t know about our pay.
Most people don’t know that serevers only get paid 2.13hr and that the other $5.12 we are expected to make in tips a hour. People are use to eating fast food and not use to tipping. So when they come to a restraint they just pay wht they see on there recipt.
Servers are there to serve you, so we tend to all your need while you are a guest in our home. We make sure you feel welcome while you’re here and that you about all our deals and how things work. Its our job to take you drink order then go get them, then make sure they understand everything on the menu, after that ill take your order and put it in. After all that its my job to make sure…

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